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Welcome aboard !


:iconhappyragnarokplz::iconsaysplz: Hey all you CroMa fans! Don't be afraid to join this group, we know you're all hiding out there! This group is officially dedicated to this awesome pairing, so feel free to submit your amazing art to the group!

But be warned. No flames or haters allowed here. We don't know how to deal with that. But trust me, it won't be pretty. And no genders wars over Crona either. Every viewer is entitled to his/her own opinion on what gender our favorite demonic swordsman's gender really is, and we will not tolerate bashing or arguments of any sort.

Here are a few guidelines for you all! We're not trying to be bossy, just giving a few tips and guidelines! Follow them, and everything will be just fine!

:skull::rose: Submission Guidelines :rose::skull:

:bulletblack: All art must, in any shape or form, relate to Soul Eater's Crona x Maka pairing and characters surrounding it!

:bulletgreen: Art MUST be placed in their designated folders!

:bulletpink: Do not submit your work in the "Featured" folder. The artworks in there are selected by us admins. If your work is good, you will get noticed!


:bulletblack: If art is mature, we would appreciate it if it had a mature warning!

:bulletgreen: NO PLAGIARISM ALLOWED! If the work is not yours, or if you have traced someone else's work, specify it in your artist comment! Art theft will NOT be accepted!

:bulletpink: Traced artworks, vectors, edited artworks will be submitted to the 'Misc' folder. They are not considered as creative works; however, they remain a form of art, as they represent time and effort from the artist. Please don't forget to credit if necessary (cf. previous rule).

Please make sure to follow these guidelines! They will make your stay here that much easier!

Here are the general guidelines that apply to ALL members!

:rose::skull: General Guidelines :skull::rose:

:bulletgreen: NO FLAMES/FLAMERS! If you do not like something, don't say anything at all!

:bulletpink: No harrassing/degrading/abusing other members! Try to get along everyone!

:bulletblue: No stealing other people's art.

And now that THAT'S over, feel free to enjoy our group! :)

:iconblackbloodchronaplz: :heart: :iconmakaplz:




Updated 2/5/16 New Request ~zaiduck


Happy late New Year! This is admin zaiduck and I want to apologize for the inactivity for this group from the adminstrative side, but I'll try to be more consistent with it now. Please comment on this journal (template at the end) if you'd like to request something or if you no longer want your request posted~

It's almost Valentine's Day! I would love to see some lovely CroMantic art for it~ Ten whole days to create something, and definitely submit it for the Valentine's Day Card Exchange!

Here is this month's Member Corner! Here, you can request or offer a service to the other members. It has to be CroMa-centered, if possible, but we will see if we can expand to advertisements (commissions, etc). It is a free service, but you have to be a member of this group. It will be updated as regularly as possible.


:star: Roleplay :star:

:iconsammy2312: Sammy2312 is looking for nice people to RP Male Crona x Maka. Please contact this user if interested!

:star: Art / Fanfiction :star:

:new: :iconbutterscotch-scythe: Butterscotch-Scythe is requesting fanart from one of their CroMa fanfictions.
Preferably The Raspberry Prodigy, but the following would be nice as well: The Tickle Master, Overprotective Mother, ,Cliche Romance and Cherry Pie, Ouch!, Goldie's Tank, or to tickle their funny bone, The Satan Cookie.

:iconpkmntrnrpegasister: PKMNtrnrPegasister is looking for any major crossover fans like them to draw a Corpse Bride (or in this case Groom) crossover with Crona, Maka and Soul. Hopefully people will know the roles of each character... Crona as Emily, Maka as victor, and Soul optional, but now really obvious who'd he'd be.

:iconbigbook29: bigbook29 is looking for someone who is willing to draw a CroMa request for them for free (and for the love of CroMa!). A crossover theme with another anime or comic, (ex. Crona being Venom with Ragnarok and Maka as someone for you to decide.) No deadline.

:iconyellowpikmin88: yellowpikmin88 is looking for someone to write or draw CroMa for them! No deadline.
They would prefer Crona to be male and the story can be a one shot (a one chapter story) but a multi-chapter story would be fine too. English translation please. They have always wanted to see some art from their favorite CroMa story, Breaking Point. They would also accept art from one of their own CroMa stories from their Gallery~

:star: Goodies / Doujins :star:

:icontheapathetickat: TheApatheticKat is looking for CroMa doujins / fan comics! No deadline, but it is best to not make a fan wait~
Please contact them. And please share with the Group!
- Nothing with explicit content, please. (That means NOTHING rated M, R-18, NC-17, etc.)
- They'd prefer it to be complete and not ongoing. (But if it is ongoing, make sure it's recently updated.)
- They'd most prefer English language, but they can handle scans from other languages as long as the pictures are easy to follow.
- They'd rather it not have Crona referred to as he/him.


:star: Something to ask/offer? Please leave a comment below, and we will update this journal! :star:
Type of request*:
Details of your request:

*roleplay, art request, contest... Anything CroMa-centered is preferred; we also accept Soul Eater-centered requests.


Hopefully we can get a contest organized soon, but for now please create and share~
:heart: Now run rampant my CroMantics :heart:
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I'm starting to ship it ;o;
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Can anyone tell me when crona or maka's birthday is? because I really want to know
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